Master in Globalisation, Governance and International Understanding


Prof. Sayamov Yury Scholar, diplomat, and Class 1 State Councillor, he is Professor and Head of the Department of UNESCO for the studies of global problems and emerging social and ethic challenges for large cities and their population at the Faculty of global Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is the academician of the International Academy of People's Diplomacy, the International Academy of Global Studies, and of the Russian Ecological Academy. He is the councilor of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of more than 200 scholarly works in global issues and international relations.

Prof. Franco Frattini is President of SIOI – UNA Italy (Italian Society for International Organization – UN Association in Italy) and Justice and Chamber President to the Italian Supreme Administrative Court (Conseil d’Etat). He served twice as Former Italian Foreign Minister (2002-2004 and 2008-2011), and as Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security (2004-2008). Previously, he had served as Secretary-General of the Prime Minister's Office (1994), President of the Parliamentary Committee for Intelligence and Security Services and State Secrets (1996), Minister for Civil Service and for the Coordination of Information and Security Services (2001-2002), and Member of the Prime Minister Commission for the Constitutional reforms (2013 - 2014). He’s also Special Advisor to the Serbian Government for the EU integration process, and President of the High Court of Sport Justice (CONI).

Prof. Dr. Alexander Chumakov, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russia. Vice-President of WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM. Vice-president of International Association for Global Studies. Chair of Philosophy of the Moscow Financial University. First vice-president of the Russian Philosophical Society. "Age of Globalization" Journal, Editor-in-Chief (since 2008). "Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society", Editor-in-Chief (since 1997). Fellow of The Russian Ecological Academy (since 1991). Laureate of International N.K. Baybakov prize awarded by the International Fuel and Energy Association Association Internationale des Professeurs de Philosophie“ (AIPPh), Member of the Board (since 2012). Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China), Visiting Professor (2007-2010). Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Faculty of Global Processes, Lecturer, Professor (since 2008). The Monthly Research Seminar «Philosophical and Methodological Studies of the Process of Globalization», Moscow, Russia, Founder and Co-Chair (since 2000). Renmin University of China (Beijing, China), Visiting Professor (2015). Association Internationale des Professeurs de Philosophie. Congress ‘Philosophy and Translation‘ (Bonn, Germany), Lecturer (2015).

Prof. Leonova, Olga Doctor of Political Science, Professor of Chair of Sociology and Political Science of Institute for Refresher and Advanced Professional Training, Moscow State University, Professor of the Faculty of Global Studies. The main direction of her studies are the development of the concept of political globalistics, global regionalism, socio-cultural globalization, the concept of commuter cycling development of the global world, and the research methodology and design of the international image of countries.

Prof. Ilya V. Ilyin, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Dean of Global Processes faculty at Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is author and co-author of over 200 scientific works, including ten monographs and five textbooks, most of which are devoted to various aspects of global studies.

Dr Olga Zinovieva, Russian public figure, the wife and companion of Alexander Zinoviev, the great Russian thinker, philosopher, logician, social scientist, author and citizen, Honorary Mentor at the University of Augsburg, Bavaria.

She is Head of the Zinoviev International Research and Education Centre at the Moscow State University, Department of Global Processes; Director of Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute; Head of the Compatriots Project led by United Russia Party (on a non-partisan basis); Co-Chair of Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club; Editor-in-Chief of Zinoviev magazine; Vice President of the Europe-Asia International Piano Competition; producer of The Scream ballet based on Alexander Zinoviev’s novel Go to Calvary at the Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet which premiered on May 15, 2014.

Since 1978 until now, she is the senior human rights activist for emigrants from the former Soviet Union having experienced all the problems and worries of the 21-year exile alongside her husband.

Her articles are published regularly by the media. She often speaks on the radio and television in Russia and abroad.

Dr. Elisabetta Trenta (1967) is Professor at Link Campus University (Deputy Director and coordinator of the “Intelligence and Security” Master’s Course, Scientific Director of the “EU Funds Manager” Master’s Course and Professor at the “International Cooperation” Master’s Course). She is a twenty-year expertise Senior Programme Manager, specialising in development economics and international cooperation in post conflict areas.

After the degree in Political and Economic Science she got a Master in International Development and then she worked for some months in Russia at UNIDO.

Since 1998 she has been working for SudgestAid, a small and dynamic non-profit organisation, in challenging areas like Iraq, Libya, Lebanon or Palestine, planning and managing institutional building and capacity building projects. It is during this kind of activity that she started being interested and passionate about international security and defence issues.

Policy and security analyst, she collaborates with CEMISS (Military Centre for Strategic Studies) as researcher. She is a Captain of the Selected Reserve of the Italian Army. She has been Political Advisor in Iraq for 9 months in 2005-2006 and Country Advisor in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Working languages: Italian, English, Russian.

Dr. Ivan Timofeev, Russian Federation, Director of Programmes at the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)

He is responsible for the intellectual performance of RIAC, managing its programmes and projects. His personal background at RIAC includes working with Russian and foreign diplomats, governmental officials, experts, businessmen and NGO-leaders regarding Russia’s foreign policy and public diplomacy. Since 2015 he also heads Euro-Atlantic Security programme at the Valdai Discussion Club.  Before joining RIAC, Ivan Timofeev was the Head of Analytical Monitoring Centre and Associate Professor at MGIMO University (2009–2011). He was awarded a doctoral degree in Political Science at MGIMO (2006).  Ivan Timofeev is an author and co-author of more than 70 publications, issued in Russian and foreign academic press. He is a member of editorial board at the Comparative Politics. He was elected as a Professor of the Academy for Military Science (2013).

Prof. Maurizio Zandri (1950) teaches Sociology of Conflicts and Strategic Analysis, Geopolitics and Post Conflict Reconstruction at LCU. He is the Scientific Director of the Master Courses on Development economy and international cooperation; African Studies; Management of migration; Governance of multi-ethnic Cities. He has a deep experience in high training, social-economic planning and project management. He carries out capacity and institution building activities in developing countries, i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen and Tunisia. Zandri is the Senior Advisor (and former Director General) of SudgestAid – Aid for difficult development, an Italian no-profit company supporting good governance and post conflict management in crisis areas. Working languages: Italian, English.

Prof Carlo Maria Medaglia graduated in Physics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1999. He received his PhD in Remote Sensing at the Department of Scientific and Technical Information and Communication of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2004.
Since 1999 he has worked at numerous national and international research centers including: ISAC-CNR, NASA, ESA, NOA NOAA.
Carlo Maria Medaglia was the founder and coordinator of the scientific laboratories of CATTID - Sapienza University of Rome, which had as its workforce, more than 70 researchers contemporarily active.
He is currently Vice-Rector for Research, Director of the Department of Research at Link Campus University and Scientific Director of the research center Dasic and of LINKIT at the Link Campus University which have as its workforce, more than 100 researchers and professors who focus their attention on four areas of research: Smart Government & eInclusion, Smart Cities and Communities, Education & Hybrid Learning and Interaction Design.
He has more than 200 articles published in international journals and conference proceedings and his main areas of research are: RFID and the Internet of Things, Wireless and Mobile, Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Cities and Communities.
Carlo Maria Medaglia is a principal investigator of more than 10 projects under the Framework Programme 2007-2013, and numerous projects at national and regional level.
Among the government assignments, Carlo Maria Medaglia is, beginning October 2014 the Head of the Technical Secretariat of the Minister Dr. Gianluca Galletti, Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea.

Prof. Gabriele Natalizia is Assistant Professor in Political science at Link Campus University of Rome, where he teaches International Relations and Political Science and is member of the Research Center “Link Lab”. He obtained his PhD degree in “History and Formation of Political Processes in the Contemporary Age” at Sapienza University of Rome, where he is Adjunct professor of International relations and member of the Research Center “Cooperation with Eurasia, Mediterranean area and Sub-Saharan Africa (CEMAS)”. Gabriele Natalizia is also Adjunct professor of International Organization for the Master of the Istituto Superiore di Stato Maggiore Interforze (ISSMI) of Centro Alti Studi della Difesa of the Italian Ministry of Defense, executive chief of the website of geopolitics and international relations and fellow member of the Observatório de Relações Exteriores – Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (OBSERVARE – UAL). His field of research includes Post-soviet studies, international relations theory, comparative politics.

List of publications: Il Caucaso meridionale. Processi politici e attori di un’area strategica (Aracne, 2016), Pathways of democratisation to human development in post-communist countries (con A. Cassani & F. Luppi, European Journal of Political Research, 2016), The Great War within the Neorealist Theory of International Relations (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), Sovranità sfidata e ambiente internazionale: Le transizioni non democratiche nel Caucaso (1991-2003) (Il Politico, 2014), Rileggere Ferrero nella prospettiva delle Relazioni internazionali (Aracne, 2013), Azerbaigian. Una lunga storia (Passigli, 2012), La politica del Giappone tra influenze internazionali e comunicazione di potenza. La prospettiva dell’Italia e i documenti dell'archivio dell'Ufficio Storico dello Stato Maggiore dell'Esercito (AUSSME) (Nuova Cultura, 2012). Working languages: Italian, English.

Prof Ivan A. Aleshkovskiy, Ph.D. (Economics), is Associate Professor, Deputy Dean Faculty of Global Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. In 2004 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 2006 he defended with honors his master’s thesis.

In 2007 he was awarded the degree of PhD in Economics (“Determinants of Internal Migration in the Russian Federation”). He hold an internship at the University of Kaiserslautern, University of Mainz, J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany).

His research interests focus on population studies, international migration, migration policy, urbanization, globalization. He is the author and co-author of about 180 publications. The main of them: Global Studies. Encyclopedic Dictionary (New York, 2014); Nonlinear Dynamics of Global Processes (Moscow, 2014, co-authored); City in the Context of Global Processes (Moscow, 2011, co-authored); International Migration and HIV in Russia (Moscow, 2008, co-authored); Internal Migration in Russia (Moscow, 2007); Determinants of Internal Migration (Moscow, 2005); Urban Economics (Moscow, 2005, co-authored). Ivan Aleshkovskiy is a Member of the Executive Committee of the International Consortium “Global Studies”; Member of Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Global studies and Geopolitics Bulletin”; Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Global Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University; Member of the Russian Council of Youth Intellectual Competitions

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